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SHUN KAWAKAMI at SATOYAMA JOJO Last week, we visited the SATOYAMA JOJO, (the luxury Onsen in the Niigata prefecture of Northern Honshu, Japan),  featuring artwork from one of our artists, Shun Kawakami.  It felt amazing to see artwork from our gallery presented in such a perfect environment, so we wanted to share these images with [...]

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NEXT AT BACKWOODS GALLERY SLOE TRAILS. by KES ACORN. Sloe Trails will Acorn’s first appearance at Backwoods Gallery. In the five years since he last exhibited in Australia, Acorn has been exploring the world, setting up temporary studios in various cities and finally settling down to a permanent space in Berlin. Sloe Trails is an [...]

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Anthony Lister – Adventure Painter

COMING SOON ANTHONY LISTER ADVENTURE PAINTER Anthony Lister will launch his new book ‘Anthony Lister – Adventure Painter’ at 1 Perry Street, Collingwood. Saturday 20th February, 6-8pm.

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NEXT AT BACKWOODS GALLERY THE GENUINE ANTI-COOL. 5 YEAR EXHIBITION. Coinciding with the launch of our first annual Japanese Culture exhibition in Backwoods Lane, we will be kicking off the 2015 calendar with a huge 5-year retrospective exhibition. The Genuine Anti-Cool is a retrospective collection, curated by Sean Carroll and featuring the Backwoods artists. The [...]

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WARAI. JAPANESE CULTURE FESTIVAL. Over the past five years, we’ve been extremely lucky to have formed a strong community of Japanese creatives around our gallery. Anyone who follows our gallery would know that we have a strong connection to Tokyo’s art scene. And as a result of this connection some great Japanese artists, musicians, tattooists, [...]

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The Genuine Anti-Cool

THE GENUINE ANTI-COOL. A companion to A Guerrilla Operation, The Genuine Anti-Cool features highlight exhibitions and artwork from the third and fourth years of Backwoods Gallery  (2012-2014). The Genuine Anti-Cool is being presented, for the first time on Friday the 6th of Feb at Backwoods Gallery, coinciding with the launch of The Genuine Anti-Cool group exhibition and our first annual [...]

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Jun Inoue live painting

JUN INOUE, LIVE PAINTING ARTWORK Last weekend Jun Inoue gave two private live painting performances, one at Backwoods Gallery and the other at the ten year anniversary of WabSabi Gardens. Both of the great created during these live paints are now available for private viewing, contact for more information. To join our private invite [...]

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NEXT AT BACKWOODS GALLERY SILENT LANDSCAPE by MISO Silent Landscape represents the way a city exists in the air : lights, reflections, fog, condensation, frost, electrical static, fireworks, bombs, dust. The result is a continuous, back lit scroll with images drifting into each other, mixing in the atmosphere, slowly forming land. The exhibition of twenty six [...]

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Artist Profile Video : Jun Inoue

Backwoods Artist Profile : Jun Inoue from Alexander Mitchell on Vimeo. Jun was raised in regional Kanagawa, where he studied Shodo (traditional calligraphy) and where his grand father, a Zen Monk, became a major influence on his philosophy and aesthetic vision. When Jun moved to Tokyo, and became involved in the city’s growing underground scenes, [...]

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Hybrid Minds setup

Setting up Hybrids Minds by Jun Inoue at Backwoods Gallery.

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NEXT AT BACKWOODS GALLERY HYBRID MINDS by JUN INOUE Jun Inoue has returned to Melbourne to present his latest collection of work, Hybrid Minds. In Hybrid Minds, Jun Inoue presents a series of andrenaline-charged works, minimalist works which reconcile the art of pre-meiji Japan with modern Tokyo street culture. Inoue’s unique brand of abstract expression is [...]

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Backwoods artist profile video : Shohei Otomo.

Tokyo through the eyes of one of it’s leading young illustrators and artists, Shohei Otomo. Working mostly in ballpoint pen, Shohei Otomo’s insightful depictions of Japan expose both its commercial facade and deepest underground culture. Delivered with an unmistakable level of biting political analysis and technical perfection, Shohei’s work straddles the worlds of art, graphic [...]

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A new series of ten prints by Shohei Otomo will be available this Friday at the opening of FLAT BLEND at Backwoods Gallery. Signed and Numbered, risograph print edition, 1/30 for only $110 each. The prints are also available as collections of 5 for $450. Email for a full catalogue or work, or just [...]

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Maruoka Kazuware

As part of FLAT BLEND at Backwoods Gallery. Shohei Otomo & Kosuke Kawamura have collaborated with Tokyo based ceramist and skull artist Maruoka Kazuware. Ontop of the collection of original and remixed artwork, a series of 13 ceramic skulls based on Shohei Otomo’s illustrations and warped into Kosuke’s grotesque collage style will be on display this [...]

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NEXT AT BACKWOODS GALLERY FLAT BLEND by SHOHEI OTOMO & KOSUKE KAWAMURA Flat Bend is series of collaborative works by Tokyo artists Shohei Otomo and Kasuke Kawamura. Together, these two artists present a “stereoscopic” vision of the twisted underbelly of Japanese society. Shohei Otomo is one of the most high-profile names of Tokyo’s independent illustration [...]

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TWOONE – OUTSIDERS – Michael Danischewski

Thank you, thank you, to my great friend Michael Danischewski for making this beautiful digital capture of my new artwork. I’m pretty excited to open my show on 10th October 2o14 in Melbourne at Backwoods Gallery, Collingwood. See you there from 6pm.

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NEXT AT BACKWOODS GALLERY OUTSIDER by TWOONE With a vivid pink nimbus surrounding its head, Hiroyasu Tsuri’s (TWOONE) ‘X-ray of a preying mind’ prompt us to reflect upon the sun-god of the Egyptian pantheon, Ra. Ra, a man with the head of a hawk, was the King of the Gods and patron to the pharaohs, [...]

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NEXT AT BACKWOODS GALLERY   This September, Backwoods Gallery is proud to present A Study of Hair, the third installment in what is to be a decade-long project. A Study of… is a series of group exhibitions in which local and international artists are invited to present a contemporary interpretation of a motif drawn from [...]

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OBLIVION opening night

OBLIVION OPENING NIGHT Thank you to everyone who made it to the opening of OBLIVION by YUSK IMAI last FRIDAY. The exhibition is now open until the 7th of September.  

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NEXT AT BACKWOODS GALLERY Acclaimed Brazilian artist, Yusk Imai (YUSK) returns to Melbourne after a three-year hiatus for his forthcoming solo exhibition Oblivion. In that time Imai has exhibited within galleries, at art fairs and on the streets across Europe and South America. Widely regarded for employing a contemporary view of the Viennese Secession artists, [...]

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